About Frome Valley Catering - Dorset pig roast and barbecues

Frome Valley Catering is an event caterer that specialises in serving the local community with locally sourced organic and free range produce. With its roots in the butchery and restaurant industries, and having run a wholesale produce company over two generations, Frome Valley Catering is a family run business with a dedicated team.

We know that the safety of you and your guests is of the utter most importance, with this in mind all our staff undergo training in level 2 food hygiene and food safety. Any meat that is to be cooked at your venue will be delivered in our refrigerated vehicle along with any salads or desserts. We also record all delivery temperatures, cooking times and cooking temperatures.

We source all of our produce from local suppliers and producers from Dorset. As a company we are aware of the impact that food can make to the environment and its impact on sustainability. This way we ensure that our customers have the freshest, tastiest and the highest quality food for their events.

There are many reasons why Frome Valley Catering champions buying local food:

  • The produce we supply is locally grown and sourced. It is picked at its peak, livestock is processed in nearby facilities and the farmers have direct relations with the processors, overseeing the quality - unlike animals processed in large industrial facilities for the supermarkets.
  • The transport mileage for the produce is limited to the Dorset area. A shorter time between the farm and us supplying the food reduces the time allowed for food to lose those all-important nutrients.
  • We are supporting the local economy and businesses.
  • We believe local food is safer, as local farmers, growers, producers and suppliers are not anonymous and they take responsibility for their produce.
  • By supporting local farmers, farmers get paid more for their products in local markets. Therefore they are less likely to sell their farmland for development. When buying locally grown food, we are helping to preserve our working landscape.
  • Local food benefits both our environment and the wildlife in the Dorset area. Within Dorset we have many well managed farms which help to provide ecosystem services, they help to conserve fertile soil and protect our water sources. The farm environment is a patchwork of fields, meadows, woods, ponds and buildings that provide a habitat for wildlife in our county.

We also hire out tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery and glasses. If you would like to know what equipment we can supply for your event, please contact us directly with your requirements and we will be pleased to help.

Types of events

Our expertise is used to provide a truly unrivaled mobile outside catering services including pig roasts, bbqs and other sit down dinners which is produced to the highest quality and greatest taste. We can cater for a vast array of events, and can cater to all of your needs and requirements.